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  • swamy
    12-30 01:20 AM
    about time ppl came forward to share the burden & not let just the core/a few others carry the load alone - i was thinking we should be able to raise a million every month with wider participation (20000+) at lower $ levels like 50/100 so its sustainable. but lets see how far this goes - cant affrd 2k rightaway tho

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  • snathan
    05-04 12:00 AM
    Hi my father lost his passport at the airport today and with it his I94 and US B1 visa. We do have scanned copies of his US Visa and Passport. I would appreciate any pointers on the following question -

    1. What are my next steps?
    2. I figured from browsing few sites that he needs to apply for I94 - does any one know of any vague ETA there?
    3. Would he have to go through his visa stamping again?

    Much apprecaite your reply.


    I am not sure about the next steps regarding the visa. I guess you might to need to file police complaint about the loss of passport and inform Indian consulate. Did you check the USCIS web site for the visa.

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  • GCBy3000
    04-26 05:13 PM

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  • sundarpn
    04-30 07:05 PM
    You can change via H1-b transfer and H4 will be valid. You 485 should be valid due to AC 21.

    Now, the question is when dates do become current, and you want to file a dependent 485, will any support be needed from your old employer with whom you started your GC process?

    Can the primay file this himself with just his 485 receipts.


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  • andy garcia
    07-18 04:21 PM
    Anyone got a working link for this? I had at one point, but now I can't seem to find.

    CIS AFM ( 0e2)

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  • kaisersose
    07-18 03:26 PM
    1. Can we use AC21 provision without EAD card ?
    2. My H1 expires in Jan 2008. Do I need to have EAD card before that ?
    3. Can we apply for EAD later, after you have filed 485 and AP? If so do we need any reciept of 485 application?

    1. Can we use AC21 provision without EAD card ?

    Answer: Sure, you can. In fact, that is the advised approach. Do not fall back on EAD unless absolutely necessary.

    2. My H1 expires in Jan 2008. Do I need to have EAD card before that ?

    Yes, If you wish to work on EAD then you need to have it by Jan 2008. Unless the interim EAD option is bought back, I doubt if any July filer will have an EAD by January 2008. I would suggest you be prepared to extend your H-1b.

    3. Can we apply for EAD later, after you have filed 485 and AP? If so do we need any reciept of 485 application?

    Answer: Yes. You can do it yourself, but you will need evidence to show that a 485 has been applied.



  • ns33
    06-10 01:24 PM
    You have the instructions since you quote them. Send exactly what they are asking for, i.e. the form, photos, copy of front and back of previous EAD and check to pay them.

    I would suggest you send separate checks if only to be able to get the case number from the back of them when they are cashed.

    The instructions clearly say make check payable to the Department of Homeland Security. I believe if you did write them to the USCIS they will still get cashed but follow the instructions.

    You seem to have it all under control. Have confidence in yourself and get the applications sent in.

    Thanks for encouragement,
    It's always scary the first time. : )

    Re. Check caching - just FYI, now-a-days, they copy the check, convert it to EFT and destroy the original so getting case number from copy may not work.

    Also do I write A# on back of photos or something else? Any idea if there are restrictions for using pen or pencil or such?

    thanks again,

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  • pappu
    03-17 12:26 AM
    My company informed me today that, when spouse is added to the insurence, the insurence will start from day 1 of next month. My wife will be comming in the middle of month. How to cover this gap with insurence...?? Any suggestions...????

    Please correct your profile. The dates are incorrect. Thanks.


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    10-05 03:03 AM
    omg lositnbeta, that's cool! I just got photoshop so I'm a beginner! But that pic is so cool! I like the flash in the center!
    I'll see if I can come up with something in 3DS MAX!

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  • sunshine2007
    08-27 04:49 PM
    I sumited my wife's & my I140 and I485 together in this July 2nd, 2007. I'm the primary applicant and in EB3 category. I already got receipt and the requesting for fingerprinting. If i file a divorce now does it going to have any effect on my processing?

    this is very important.


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  • ssss
    05-18 12:56 AM
    Your question is not clear. "her green card expires on the 21st of august"

    - She already got GC ? and expiring after five or 10 years? If so, the divorce will not impact the GC process.

    "she has an appointment on that day for what i think is to get her permanent residency"

    - If she is not yet getting her GC, then it will impact the GC. Either she has to be patient or lose it. Even after getting GC, if she goes for divorce immediately it will trigger investigation as if your friend married US citizen just to get the GC.

    This process is complicated and I dont think you can get the right answer in this forum. Better check with attoney.

    Probably he is talking about the conditional green card one gets after marrying a US citizen

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  • jonty_11
    01-08 01:18 PM
    If TCS or any Indian firm claims you owe them something since you quit them after coming to US (contract breach or whatever), they will not release your PF until you clear your accounts with them. Call is yours after seeing if the payback is greater than PF??


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  • ita
    11-29 03:11 PM
    Change add' online in USCIS website. After few days you will receive confirmation letter. Also send AR-11 for to DHS and confirm with USCIS.

    FYI, i saw 2 LUDs on 485 & EAD from the day i changed the address online.

    I changed my address online and confirmed my address with cSR.
    I didn't send AR-11 form though.
    I didn't get any confirmation mail for address change to the new address..

    Is this fine?
    Please advice.

    Thank you

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  • andy garcia
    06-27 01:19 PM
    I-140 approval with 6/06 as PD for EB2. But the notice says that the information submitted with the petition shows that the individual may not be be eligible to file for AOS at this time. Additional information about eligibility may be obtained from local INS office?? Is this how the approval should state

    Do not worry.

    At the time of approval your PD was not current, which is until Jume 30.
    After July 1 you can apply for AOS.


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  • Sachin_Stock
    09-03 01:21 PM
    Other EB2 threads have so much rejoicing going on, that we Eb3 folks are virtually left out as orphans!:mad:

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  • pdakwala
    02-24 04:45 PM
    Oh actually I was working with Spector so that we can have markup out asap. Just Kidding. Got busy with work.

    Any way fox please wake up now. It's a show time. We have 27 days left. We all have only one option and that is to "Kill Retrogression virus". There will be no negotiation on that.



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  • shana04
    03-08 12:23 PM
    My PD of JAN 27 05 became current with the March bulletin. While folks from TSC got GCs from March 2nd itself, NSC seemed to have little action.

    By some random combination of POJ options, which changed recently, I managed to get a service request in on March 2nd (Type of service requested: -- Outside Normal Processing Times). The same day, I had Infopass and I was told its been "Preadjudicated, under review" and there was some recent movement on my case (transfered internally). This got my spirits up, but in just 2 days, I got a pretty horrible response to my SR, which made me feel this is going to be an uphill battle:

    I was about to contact the state senator today, but early today morning we got our CPO emails.

    My case is pretty straight forward:
    Processing center: NSC
    PD: JAN 27 2005 non perm which got approved just in time for July 07 fiasco.
    I-485: July 07 filer
    RFE in Nov 2008 (immunizations for wife, she had taken certain waivers due to pregnancy --- and Employment verification for myself)
    Approval: Today (March 8th 2010)


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  • tnite
    08-18 09:45 AM
    that was expected. 300K * 1.7(average family size according to USCIS) = Approx. 500K

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  • Curious_Techie
    08-07 05:53 PM
    I came back on Sunday after landing with a expired visa but valid H1B till 2010
    My family had valid visa till sept 07

    05-10 10:07 AM
    applies to me too, as I came in this thread to read this post :D

    Thanks. I have fixed the typo.


    08-27 04:19 PM
    I went to AZ-DMV showed them my I485 receipt. The representative didn't know about the new ID law that this is enough as a legal document. I need to asked for the supervisor to get my license renewed.


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